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what is flowriderFlowrider is a skill and thrill attraction with nonstop appeal. Flowriding is ideal for family participants of all ages. Parents, daughters and sons can experience the thrill of riding a wave in a safe and controlled environment. “Catching and riding a wave” regardless of one’s skill level and the ride is never the same twice. Each ride increases the rider’s confidence and pleasure. It is addicting. Spectators will enjoy it as much as the actual participant.   It has an approximate throughput of 300 rides per hour. Being able to experience riding a wave, or white water rapids cutting back and forth on your board and feeling the water current carry you where ever you want to go. Powered by an engine that drives 10,000 gallons of flowing water, it is an exciting, high capacity ride. A rush that you normally experience in the ocean or on a river is what you will experience indoors. Plus you can have your family and friends right there enjoying your ride for hours with you. They will watch you cut and flow within talking distance.

Surfers boogie boarders, and wake boarders love surfing because it’s the thrill of challenging the wave. Beating the current in a safe controlled environment experiencing the rush of a crashing wave, in full view of family and friends! Flowrider is a wave in a box, where we bring the wave to you! You’ll float on a Body board (boogie board) or a stand-up flow board for a riding device. By studying the same body movements that surfers use, you can learn to carve and cut the water.

Beginners who might be apprehensive about surfing in the ocean will find that Flowrider is the perfect place to experience the thrill of surfing the wave without being in the ocean.

For those of you familiar with surfing, you’ll find that perfecting your skills, learning to turn, drop and climb on the wave face, and perform maneuvers, is very productive on Flowrider.

Whether you are a beginner who’s curious about the sensation of riding the wave, or a professional competitive surfer, Flowrider provides the perfect environment for your ultimate enjoyment!


All are welcome to visit our observation deck, free of charge. Such a new and interesting activity might be hard to imagine for some, but a short visit should do the trick.

Flowrider times are booked in advance, so if you wish to ride the wave, reservations are encouraged.

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    *Release form required for each participant. Participants under 18 must have parent’s signature.

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    Monday - Thursday Noon - 9 PM

    Friday Noon - 11 PM

    Saturday Noon - 9 PM | Sunday Closed