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What is Flowboarding?


FLOWBOARDING IS A HYBRID WATER SPORT that takes influence from Surfing, Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Snowboarding and Bodyboarding

Flowrider is a skill and thrill water sport with a nonstop appeal. Flowboarding is ideal for participants of all ages. Parents, daughters, and sons can experience the thrill of riding a wave in a safe and controlled environment. Spectators will enjoy it as much as the actual participant. Powered by an engine that drives 10,000 gallons of flowing water, it is an exciting experience and has an approximate throughput of 300 rides per hour. Feel the rush of the ocean or power of a river indoors, year-round with your family and friends. They can watch you cut and flow within talking distance.

Boardsports enthusiasts love the thrill of challenging the wave. Flowboarding is a skill-driven sport that will keep you coming back for more. You can choose to lay down on a bodyboard or stand up on a flowboard and our instructors are there to provide training, tips, and tricks throughout your session.

Beginners who might be apprehensive about surfing in the ocean will find that Flowrider is the perfect place to experience the thrill of surfing the wave indoors.

For those of you familiar with surfing, you’ll find that perfecting your skills, learning to turn, drop and climb on the wave face, and perform maneuvers, is very productive on Flowrider.

Whether you are a beginner who’s curious about the sensation of riding the wave, or a professional competitive surfer, Flowrider provides the perfect environment for your ultimate enjoyment!


All are welcome to visit our observation deck, free of charge. Such a new and interesting activity might be hard to imagine for some, but a short visit should do the trick.

Flowrider times are booked in advance, so if you wish to ride the wave, reservations are required.


The Flowrider operates by high volume pumps generating a continuous sheet of flowing water (approximately two-and one-half inches thick by up to thirty-four feet wide) over a specially designed soft riding surface. This stationary “sheet wave” can be ridden just like a similarly shaped wave that moves in the ocean. Gravity allows the rider to ‘drop in’ from the crest of the wave and slide down to the wave trough. The rider can ride up the wave surface by setting an edge and letting the water pressure push him/her back up the inclined wave surface. Skill is required to control one’s position on the wave, and a movement too far in any one direction will result in a ‘wipe-out’, i.e., out of the power-flow and into the ride exit areas. However, in just a few rides, the novice can quickly learn how to turn, drop and climb on the wave face and perform maneuvers.

an employee helping a boy flowboarding


a man riding a wave on a surfboard in the water


Flowrider is for almost anyone in good physical condition.  It is a strenuous activity. Participants must be able to swim in turbulent moving water. Participants must be in the good physical condition and free from any physical limitations. Pregnant women and persons with a history of heart, back, neck, shoulder, or joint problems should not participate.

If you have any special concerns regarding your physical condition, please consult an instructor.


The Flowrider experience requires a minimum height of 42” to bodyboard and 52″ to flowboard. Children pick up skills quite quickly. Child riders must be able to follow directions from the instructor and be able to swim in turbulent moving water. Riders must be barefoot and swimsuits are required. The flowing water may pull off bathing suit tops, bottoms, and loose clothing. Surf shirts are strongly recommended for all female participants.


Flowboarding is a sport of continual progression; even the best riders continue to learn. Our instructors will help teach, coach, and guide you in the process.

All sessions start with a short safety briefing. Only one person may be on a side of the wave at a time. There is no sliding down the sides of the wave or running across the water. All boards must be treated with care and kept at the bottom of the wave for everyone to share. Participants will wait in line and take turns.

First-timers can expect to begin by laying down on the bodyboard, starting from the front of the wave, and learning how to turn side to side by pulling on the edges of the bodyboard with their arms while leaving their legs dragging in the water to keep the board straight. The first trick bodyboarders can learn is pulling up onto their knees, leaving their toes in the water to act as a rudder, and putting their hands in the water to keep the board straight. They can then lean side to side to carve on their knees. There are a few other tricks that can be learned on the bodyboard even in the first session. Our instructors will give you feedback throughout your session to help you improve and learn new skills.

After trying the bodyboard at least once, participants can try to stand up on the flowboard. The instructor will hold the board at the front of the wave while the surfer holds onto a rope with their front hand. The surfer steps on the board with their front foot first, then their back foot at the back of the board, bends their knees, leans back on the back leg, and slowly lowers into the water. They try to hold steady and not let the water take the board away from them and always keep shoulders and hips straight while looking forward to keeping the board straight. Once stable in the middle of the wave, surfers can try to carve side to side by pressing on their toes to go forward and heels to go back all while keeping the board straight.

Falling is a part of the sport. Falls happen suddenly. The best thing to do if you feel like you are going to fall is sit down in the water and try to bring your arms in close to your body. If you can’t anticipate your fall, still try your best to bring your arms in and roll to your back. Never try to push against the water. Let the flow take you to the top where you can collect your board and walk down the walkway on the side.

Don’t let falls discourage you! Just get in line and try again and our instructors can help you understand what happened and how to try it a better way next time. Feel free to ask your instructor any questions throughout your session, we look forward to helping you succeed on the wave whether a first-timer or returning surfer!

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